Monday, August 8, 2011

When I can't fully pack a lunch...

Some days there is just nothing you can do-- you can't pack a lunch.  You may have components that are easy to grab on your rush to the door (bus tracker is a blessing and a curse--when I know a bus is coming, I can make a dash for it...if I didn't know, I'd take it easier perhaps.  Maybe its just a wash.)  But, I digress.

If you can grab a bag of greens or a piece of fruit or a can of soup or etc, I have a trick that can complete a healthy lunch without the $5+ price tag of a lot of lunches even at a "cheap" sandwich place these days.

There is a lunch place...its name sort of sounds like cozy.  I like to go and get a piece of bread (they have big pieces of flatbread) and a side of hummus or peanut butter (personally, I prefer hummus) and it is usually around just $2!  (The PB is always $1.90) but sometimes they charge the hummus as cream cheese (they don't have a hummus button, so it is either charged as PB or cream cheese)... anyway, I went recently and they filled a huge side container full of hummus.  Usually it is a smaller one (which is still plenty for me).  But its great!  A healthy lunch I can look forward to for just $2?  Yum!
I had brought along a bag of spinach and some tomatoes-- MUCH cheaper than the $8 salads that you can buy at this place!

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