This is my blog!

I am a program evaluator, which means I look at programs that people run and tell them where there are flaws and how to fix them.  That means I am trained to be critical.  I am trained to see flaws.  The more problems I find, the more money I make (like Notorious B.I.G, but reverse!)  And also, that is a complete exaggeration.  My salary is set, I have no incentive to find non-existent problemos, thank goodness because perverse incentives are a pet peeve of mine (so is the phrase "pet peeve" ....ew!!).  Anyway, the upside is, I help make things better.

This blog is about seeking good things.  Not finding what needs to be fixed.  It is about appreciating what is lovely and contributes to whole-ness.  Whole-some.

Wholesome is kind of a lame word... I think of braids and long denim skirts and prudishness.  But the dictionary says:
1: promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit
2: promoting health of body
3a : sound in body, mind, or morals  
b : having the simple health or vigor of normal domesticity 
It's not until 3a that you even hear about morals.  This blog is intended to provide accountability to me to seek out what is wholesome, to stop and appreciate it and drink it in (like Anne of Green Gables and the Mayflowers in the Violet Vale).  It is my accountability.  It is not intended to be perfect.  It is intended to be fun.