Friday, June 15, 2012

bloggin machine

I just finished Divergent.  Good job, Veronica Roth!! (aka my sister's friend!)

Next up: When You Reach Me
and the Jonah Lehrer books (Imagine and Proust was a Neuroscientist).

I need to get on the library waiting list for Bonhoeffer.  I want to read more biographies of inspiring people!

But no pictures of tonight's dinner...that would just be peanut butter crackers while I finished the book... (I washed the brussels sprouts, they just didn't make it into the oven.  oops!)


Just clearin the cobwebs here...

Things I did around home

 I worked at home some... I broke that pretty mug... My sister got me that awesome tray at an awesome store in Montreal.
 I painted those chairs black
I grew a lot of basil (this was last summer)
 I made a lot of pesto with that basil and froze it and used it throughout the winter!
 I baked honey wheat bread a few times...delish
 I went a little crazy at TJ's with my bf
 My wonderful mother came and we organized my entire apartment and closets!!  This was about...4 months ago and they're gone to pot again... sigh.
 This was amazing.  I need to do it again.  I need to post the recipe and how to.  Quick yeast crust.  SO worth it.  Amazing.
We had a memorial day picnic at the lakefront!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jogging downtown

 Sometimes I go jogging on my lunch break.... this is what i have seen on some of those days, in the past year....

I went to montreal

 With my sister... we missed my brother... we are the 3 amigos with my brother... and we missed him.  It was our fault.

 We climbed a lot of things.  Awkwardly.  That was the theme of the trip.  Awkward climbing.

Squirrels climb things too.
 We ogled chocolates.

 Gorgeous farmers market, worth the trek to the far side of town

We lived it up in style.

More farmers market.  Colors!



 We ate a LOT of chocolate.

Pretty outside spaces.

Poutine!!  (Fries covered in gravy and cheese curds.  Not my thang, but whatever floats your boat, peeps.)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Also, I love the library... libraries!!  Free books!!!

I got a kindle, but I can get books from the library!

I've recently read many good books, some kindle some hardback.  And I'm on the waiting list for more good books!

a million miles in a thousand years (donald miller)
devil in the white city (erik larson)
count of monte cristo (dumas)
the art of fielding (chad harbach)

when you reach me  (word on the street is that "wrinkle in time HIGHLY relates" to this book-- color me excited.  i am picking it up from the library tomorrow....or saturday if i don't get up and to work early enough to get to the library before it closes)
divergent (veronica roth)
loving frank
proust was a neuroscientist
wuthering heights

and some others :)

Pretty days = better running, too

Its a beautiful day for a running break by the lake!

When I run...

Sometimes when I run I have good ideas about blog posts and crafts and creative things I will do, with spare time, with spare energy, with getting up early, or staying productively up late...  And then I go inside and shower off sweat and my good ideas.

When I hear the words, "when I run..." I recall a quote from this guy: second quote down.

I'll post a picture later.