Friday, June 15, 2012

bloggin machine

I just finished Divergent.  Good job, Veronica Roth!! (aka my sister's friend!)

Next up: When You Reach Me
and the Jonah Lehrer books (Imagine and Proust was a Neuroscientist).

I need to get on the library waiting list for Bonhoeffer.  I want to read more biographies of inspiring people!

But no pictures of tonight's dinner...that would just be peanut butter crackers while I finished the book... (I washed the brussels sprouts, they just didn't make it into the oven.  oops!)


Just clearin the cobwebs here...

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  1. i am continuously amazed at your eye for photography ... i guess i should stop being amazed since your pictures are consistently awesome and just keep it in my head that you are a great photographer ... fun to see your posts ... need to plant basil ... mmmmmm. :)