Thursday, June 7, 2012


Also, I love the library... libraries!!  Free books!!!

I got a kindle, but I can get books from the library!

I've recently read many good books, some kindle some hardback.  And I'm on the waiting list for more good books!

a million miles in a thousand years (donald miller)
devil in the white city (erik larson)
count of monte cristo (dumas)
the art of fielding (chad harbach)

when you reach me  (word on the street is that "wrinkle in time HIGHLY relates" to this book-- color me excited.  i am picking it up from the library tomorrow....or saturday if i don't get up and to work early enough to get to the library before it closes)
divergent (veronica roth)
loving frank
proust was a neuroscientist
wuthering heights

and some others :)

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