Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I did around home

 I worked at home some... I broke that pretty mug... My sister got me that awesome tray at an awesome store in Montreal.
 I painted those chairs black
I grew a lot of basil (this was last summer)
 I made a lot of pesto with that basil and froze it and used it throughout the winter!
 I baked honey wheat bread a few times...delish
 I went a little crazy at TJ's with my bf
 My wonderful mother came and we organized my entire apartment and closets!!  This was about...4 months ago and they're gone to pot again... sigh.
 This was amazing.  I need to do it again.  I need to post the recipe and how to.  Quick yeast crust.  SO worth it.  Amazing.
We had a memorial day picnic at the lakefront!

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