Tonsillectomy Foods

Ok, it is true--everything else you read on the internet about adult tonsillectomies is true-- they are no fun.

HOWEVER, you will survive.  Even if you have an arterial bleed and have to go to the hospital for emergency recauterization, you will survive, and it will still be a good decision to have your tonsils out.  Why get your tonsils out?  Because if you're debating it, chances are they are causing you to spike high fevers, take multiple courses of antibiotics, and maybe causing you to have to go get abscesses drained. 

Adult tonsillectomies hurt, but not worse than having an abscess.  It hurts at abscess level for 3-4 days.  And you survive.  And then you're fine.

But what can you eat?  I found that the sugary stuff, which is most of the easy stuff, did not satisfy me, and actually started to gross me out after a few days.  So I started getting creative and came up with a bunch of great, savory, gluten free post tonsillectomy foods.

First, I'll list the sweet foods (these may be more "obvious"):
fruit smoothies
ice cream (I had no mucus problems with dairy)
vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate sauce stirred in (YUM)
lemon meringue jello-- surprisingly delicious
chocolate pudding with peanut butter stirred in
fruit juice blended with ice chips
you get the picture...

NOW, the savory foods that I was proud to have "discovered" (some are obvious but i think some are less obvious)
  • Annie's gluten free mac'n'cheese (rice pasta based)-- delicious!  Overcooked is best when you need it to be really soft.  I also found it helpful for protein/iron to stir in some trader joe's refried pinto beans.  Yum.
  • Polenta heated in a skillet with cheese and refried beans stirred in and then an egg cooked over easy or scrambled into it.  DELISH. 
  • Trader joe's frozen palak paneer cooked and then BLENDED.  it came out perfectly smooth and creamy and was a nice change from the cheesy/mexican flavors of the above.
  • Mashed potatoes with butter and cheese.
  • Chicken or beef broth WITH AN EGG cracked into it while cooking.  I think this is egg drop soup.  It was great, as I felt desperate for protein.
  • Trader joes gluten free frozen pancakes--microwaved in syrup and butter--come out very very soft.  You can cook an egg over easy and then open it over the pancakes and you have a very mushy and tasty breakfast.
  • Mashed sweet potatoes with butter or coconut oil and cinnamon.
  • Trader Joe's frozen tamales-- stick with the queso ones at first as they're able to be heated and mashed very softly, but the beef ones are also quite soft and can be incorporated after about 8 or so days (maybe earlier if you're brave!)

Okay, that's my advice.  And drink a LOT OF WATER.  that is not a joke.  If you're in a ton of pain, ask your MD about ibuprofen.  Mine at first said, "no."  But then said actually it was fine to use after 2 days.  I didn't overdo it-- I took 2 or 3 a day on top of the tylenol, and it was VERY helpful in controlling pain.  (Check pubmed if you want, but the studies show that ibuprofen does not contribute to post tonsillectomy bleeding.)  But do consult your MD.  Don't listen to crazy people on the internet.  Also, stay off the internet more often than not.  Just focus on drinking enough, eating enough, and healing quickly.  YOU WILL BE FINE IN NO TIME*

(* no time = about 2 weeks)

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