Thursday, August 4, 2011


Oh people... I am fair skinned.  (I have my family tree-- I cannot wait to tell you about my ancestors! but for now, I'll just say MOSTLY WELSH).  I have known this my whole life.  I am an ardent supporter of SUNSCREEN.  Early and often.  But, I did not heed my own advice today.  We laid out at Lake Michigan from 3pm-5pm and low and behold, my tenderest skin--upper thighs, lower back, upper arms--are a nice bright stoplight red.  Serves me right, and yet ow.  I already took a green tea and epsom salt bath.  (I steeped 4 green tea bags in a bit of water and threw it into the bath-- green bath!!)  And I mix a bit of these incredibly decadent salts (I buy them at Whole Foods as a "local buy") in with regular $2.99 epsom salts.  Then I slathered on cortisone cream (mixed with a little fancy CoQ10 facial night cream--I want my skin to heal!) and some lavender oil spray.  Only my lower back is feeling really tender.  Oh and I'm feeling stupid... a sunburn.  So silly.


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  1. "Noo, don't put any sunscreen on, you don't need it," she says. little sister's sunburn is on your head, too. :)