Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh dear...

I have to clean again.  I came home from work and laid on my couch for almost 2 hours, catching up on Drop Dead Diva.  What a show.  I ate too many spoonfuls of Nutella (not everything I do or eat is pretty, I'm afraid to break it to you.  Sometimes it is leftover thai noodles, watermelon slices, nutella by the tablespoon, oh and then a handful of super-fiber crackers, for good measure.  you know, buffer all the aforementioned carbs with fiber.  hush, i know fiber is a carb.  but i think you subtract it.  i never did weight watchers.)
this could be depressing except I LOVE THESE NIGHTS.  i get to do this about once a month at most and sometimes you just need to watch 2 hours of lifetime and eat nutella!  when it is completely voluntary it is the best.  when it is by default or because you have nothing better to do, you should come read my blog or write me an email instead.
anyway... now i need to go do some picking up and putting away. 

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