Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just in case you need to know...

In case you're ever in Burundi, and you need to say "to put the skin of a dead calf before a cow so she will give milk" there is one verb for it in Kirundi.  That verb is kworokera. 

Also, to remove a foreign body from milk: gutosora.
To finish milking a cow: guhaza
To have dirt in milk: gutobeka

Language really paints a picture of daily life, doesn't it?  Verbs evolve to fit the need of daily life, I guess.

Also, there is one word for "fear to harm another because you love him".  Impuhwe.

These verbs are amazing.

To overcome an enchantment: kurogora
To be overcome by something difficult: kunanirwa
To grit one's teeth to avoid showing pain: gushinyanga or gushinyiriza

I think you  know a lot about Burundi now.
Maybe as much as if I told you all about it in my own words.

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