Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family tree

This was a quote on the wall at the Museum of Science and Industry.  I went there with my family last week.  Oh, family.  With my immediate family all around, I can see how I resemble in feature and personality, the family that I know.  And I can pick out some traits that are more distinctly mine.  Or perhaps just skipped my parents and bro and sis.  So, where did those come from?  Are they just mine?  Did they come from family I don't know?  

I am fascinated by this at the moment.  Fascinated by any old family stories that are still known.  I could listen to everything my parents know of their ancestors and it wouldn't be enough.  My uncle sent me a family tree.  So at least now I know names on my dad's side.  I can't wait to get some info from my mom's side.

Who are these people that I don't know, who may have been a LOT like me, BEFORE me?  They probably worked less cushy jobs than I do.  They probably wore more clothes and didn't have an iPhone.  But, what else??  I am so curious!  Did they believe the same things?  Were they kind or mean?  What were their politics?  Were the women intelligent?  Did they yearn for things to be different?  What did they talk about?  Did they marry for love?  Agh!  The few details I have only tempt me to wonder more.
My great grandmother (Annette, aka Nettie) was a vaudeville performer...she rode along in a sidecar next to my great grandfather, who was a theater projection manager here, among other things.  He was the son of a barkeeper in Brooklyn.

Can you imagine?  I am loving imagining some stories about these folks.  I would love to try to write some stories about them. 

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  1. I feel the same way about my family history! I always wonder about the happenstance of life- like how even the most trivial of incidents experienced by our ancestors helped to shape our fate...who we are and the situation we were born into.