Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today's moments of loveliness

Breakfast!  I worked at home, which allows for a little more liberties of loveliness.  I felt free to eat from a bowl, rather than putting my yogurt into tupperware and my granola into a ziplock baggy.  Thanks to this and the mild accountability this blog provides, I sliced up two very on-the-edge peaches.  They were perfect for my yogurt and granola, but looked more shriveled than your fingers at the end of bath time before being sliced.
 I sprinkled some cinnamon over all of it--yogurt and coffee-- and I highly recommend this!  I have PCOS (which, blah blah blah look it up if you're curious, boils down to a hormonal imbalance and can also manifest in wonky blood sugar/high insulin levels) and cinnamon is known to regulate blood sugar levels.

And then dinner, ohhhhhh dinner.  I decided to do a real experiment since I would be working at home where I could do a little prep and work around 5.  Roast chicken.  I wanted to make a simple roast chicken.  I'm into buying whole chickens at the moment (i.e., last week and this week) because a whole chicken costs about the same as two boneless chicken breasts!  Hello economical decisions!  Also, I have been choosing organic meats due to contamination concerns and also because, thanks to the PCOS again, the fewer additives and hormones and hormone-like substances I dump into my body, the BETTER.  Anyway, choosing a whole chicken for the week makes it go further on less--always the goal!  Well, a whole roasted chicken is DE-LISH.  It smells delish, it looks great, and the meat is even somehow better than when I cook it other ways (I think it has to do with the skin...also, as previously stated, I do not have a grill.)

I vaguely followed these directions.  I rubbed butter all over--including under the skin!  Chicken masseuse in the making here!  I put lemon juice all over and lemons in the cavity...threw in some herbs from my garden.  I don't have a roasting pan, so I just rolled up some foil to put between my chicken and my pan.  I roasted potatoes (separately--I like crispy brown, salt and peppered and rosemary'd potatoes) and made a salad.
but this salad
let me tell you about it
this "healthy food"
turned into something of a sin
greens made to taste good
something i will dream about, and make again

One of my friends asked for poetry about lentils and kale...this isn't quite it yet.  
Base: spinach (squeeze it in somewhere!)
Addition: strawberries
Toppings: goat cheese with honey (trader joe's sells a goat cheese/honey combo)
the game changer
pear vinegar and olive oil

now, pear vinegar, after i looked at the ingredients, turns out to be pear and apple juice concentrate, white wine vinegar, honey cider vinegar and some other things, but most importantly, it is delicious.  It probably doubled the cost of the meal and my ole balsamic with some honey would have been JUST FINE.  but the pear vinegar elicited (bad) poetry (the quality of which should not reflect on the vinegar).

ENOUGH ABOUT THAT.  I'm gonna end this one and post another little something something from today.


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