Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girding up my loins

Hehe.  Loins.

Oh come on, you know you were thinking it.  Or maybe its just me.

Either way.  No more procrastination posts (see below if you missed those GEMS.  the first few are just about getting the rust out, right?  this blog is a no judgment zone.)

I did some more procrastination actions today.  Googled feng shui and rearranged my bedroom and living rooms.  Around two overflowing laundry baskets and a few dust bunnies hopping around my ankles as I shifted extension cords and other low-laying objects (I WILL vacuum before I go to sleep!)

It is amazing how rearranging just 3 pieces of my furniture have made my living room more inviting and easier to get comfortable in.  I just switched around the bookshelf, end table and tv stand and poof!  So much better!  My boyfriend, whose psyche is arguably more sensitive to blockages in energy flow due to poorly placed furniture and clutter, was a big fan of the change.

The bedroom was trickier, as I had to violate some rules of feng shui to keep others (my bed is not directly opposite of the door, but my head is at a window.  I buttressed my head--due to lack of a headboard-- with good books, old journals, and pillows, cutely arranged on the window sill.)

Once I clean, I'll maybe post some photos.

But for now, on to the main purpose of this blog!  Easy, yummy, attractive lunches that we can look forward to!  See the next post!

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